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My name is Stacy, I am a 34 year old Sagittarius who enjoys music, plants, hiking, traveling, and anything caffeinated. I am a mom to two amazing little girls and I have been married to my biggest supporter and best friend for nine years. I consider New Braunfels Texas my hometown, but the truth is that we moved all over before we settled here when I was a teen. It's definitely my favorite place that we lived and I will always call it home. Before I was a photographer I dabbled in just about everything, from insurance to baking (the baking was the best) I wanted to find something that could pay my bills but fill my soul. I found out as I got older that there was no way the safe choice would do the latter, so I started this business on dreams and pennies. The last few years have been full of personal growth and so much happiness, telling your stories through images is a true passion of mine. I have found that my favorite thing is embracing the chaos of regular life; kids running around, mud on little feet, big smiles and dancing with our loves. When you have a session with me I will not force you to stand and smile, we will be moving, laughing, playing, and creating real memories throughout it. I've found that this method not only makes spouses happier, the kids love it and we get some pretty amazing images out of those real life moments. My biggest goal is to create beautiful art and to leave you with images that you can look back on and remember how life really was.

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The Chick behind the Lens

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Photo taken by: Grand Adventure Photography

Anything I can answer for you?


Photo taken by: Grand Adventure Photography

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