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Your life in photos, your moments turned to memories.

This  is your experience

How it works

Your session with me is a relaxed experience from start to finish. We will begin by finding the best styling for you and your location! 
The day of your session I want you to remember, this is supposed to be a FUN time for everyone. We won't stand and stare at the camera or yell at kiddos to "hold still and smile" because what makes my work unique is that I capture the real YOU. Whether that is laughing, snuggling, crying, running or playing, I want your real moments, not the posed smiles.
So remember to relax, take a deep breath and roll with it, I promise THAT is what makes magic. 

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15 digital images with print release



All edited digital images with print release
*payment plans available



20 digital images
with print release




Frequently Asked:

Here are the most frequently asked questions.
If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please Reach Out

  • Where are you located? Do you travel?
    I am located in New Braunfels, TX but always willing to travel for new adventures! Contact me to discuss travel session fees.
  • Do you take traditional "posed" photos?"
    Yes and no! My style of photography is more lifestyle, meaning I will arrange you and prompt you to get real emotions and connection. I like for my clients to come to their session prepared to love on one another, you'll interact and I will help along the way but this session is all about YOU! I will capture 1 or 2 "stand here, look at the camera and smile!" photos but the majority of your session is lifestyle.
  • What time of day will our session take place?
    All outdoor sessions will take place at "golden hour", which occurs at sunrise and sunset. This gives the best lighting and is the reason my photos hold the style that you see. Indoor sessions vary and we will discuss that at booking if you're booking an indoor session such as newborn.
  • What should I wear?
    Listen, wardrobe is HARD, I get it! It's even hard for me when we have our own photos done, but I am here to help! I will send over my style guide once you have booked your session and I will help style you, that means I will send outfits with links that I know will look best for your family and the location you've chosen. Everyone has their own style and while I am receptive to that, the reason my photos look the way they do is heavily due to styling, it really makes a difference and I want you to get the MOST out of your session with me.
  • What location will we use?
    I have quite a few options for locations exclusive to my clients! I discuss all location options after booking to ensure these spots stay private for you because I have worked very hard to scout these out and make them special.
  • Will you retouch my images? (make me thinner, remove wrinkles etc.)"
    I do retouch images however I will not alter the weay my clients look. I'll remove blemishes, bruises, cuts, things that are temporary and not part of who you are, but I won't change size, shape, wrinkles, birthmarks etc. because those things make you, YOU. My job is to show you just how beautiful you are in the skin you're in and I promise to do just that.

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